Saw Dr. D today for my annual physical…

I went at 3pm and was not waiting long. Dr. D had this really cute intern named Brent. OMG I was in heaven. 😀 I am fine except I had sugar in my urine… which I’m not worried about bc I AM a diabetic. I added more pix to my FB account right here. I will continue to add more as I go. My sister Coll is my favorite subject. 😀 And, at the drs office, I saw the cutest 5 day old baby. Alexandria. I melted right then and there.

I had chicken pot pies, mashed potatoes and peas for dinner.

Tomorrow is a free day for me which means no appts, but Thursday I have the diabetic clinic. Friday we have bowling and Saturday and Sunday are also free. 🙂

Sam out.


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