Unraveling my mental illness

nevia Daily Prompt: Unravel

To me, unraveling means that I had a mental break about a month ago. I was on a drug to suppress the side effects of my anti-psychotic, cogentin. I was slurring my words, and I wasn’t making any sense when I did talk. I even went out half naked. I was so sick but weirdly enough I remember none of this.

That to me is the meaning of unravel.

Sam out


4 thoughts on “Unraveling my mental illness

  1. @Rob I take a sh*tload of pills,I take Zyprexa, and I take lorazepam (or whatevs) and more. One day I am going to take a pic of my morning pills (which are a lot) and I can show you. I take enough meds that I could be a small pharmacy! lol


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