Who dat?

Good q. My name is Samantha Josephine Hunter. The reason behind my my username, is that my ex Greg (whom I’m not over sadly.) called me Appledumpling and I just added the sweetheart thing bc … well idk why I added that… lol


That is an older pic but I love it. I’m wearing my favorite item of clothing… hoodies~! 🙂

I live in a small northern town called Newmarket (wiki page) (town page) and I couldn’t be happier bc for most of my life I lived in Toronto and I was not happy. When I was a little girl my nana and I would go to Newmarket/Richmondhill to shop/eat out… and one time Nana took me to Newmarket, and I told her that some day I was going to live there. Fast forward to 1997 — I was in Seneca College on a course for people with learning problems (I have ADHD among other shitty diseases… :p) Unfortunately I didn’t graduate bc of two reasons. One was I was raising my nephew at the same time, and the other was that I got mentally ill.. so finishing my course wasn’t an option. But it did get me the best thing in my life – my bestie Colleen Feeney whom I consider my baby sister. ❤

I have been relatively lucky in my later years. 🙂 I’m going to be 43 in July. I live with Coll not only as a housemate but a roomate too! 🙂

I am not without flaws — I have paranoid schizophrenia, ADHD, PTSD, bi-polar, and depression.

I am an avid gamer. I have a red 3DS and I am getting a vita next mont h. Unfortunately my 3DS has something wrong. I can’t re-format the device, and I want to so that I can play Pokemon Y and Pokemon Sun. 🙂 Nor can I give out my FC yet… and that is making me severely annoyed.

I love watching Rob Dyke, Cayleigh Elise, Corpse Husband and Chills on Youtube.

I write too much don’t I? :p I am this way irl too. 😀

I do play the Sims2. I tried Sims3 and hated it almost immediately, I gave Sims4 a whirl and sort of liked it. I prefer Sims2. 🙂 I have it on my sister’s computer and on my mac. I have more EPs for the PC version than my mac. I only have the base game on my mac.

Sam out. 🙂