I got to my appt about half a hour after my scheduled appt time. Angelique took me in despite it being almost closing time. She is pleased with me and I am pleased with myself too! My last check was at the clinic — 8.8 I was so happy. Back to normal~!

I know I have been bitching about wanting a panzerotti, it was that or a PS Vita. And I have decided on the vita. Maybe I will get a pizza sub with fries later. (or not lol)

Sam out



via Daily Prompt: Timely

To me, timely means getting to places early bc I hate being late. I’d rather be early which to me is timely. Being late is not an option for me. Like take today, I am going to my diabetes clinic at 3:15pm and I expect to do in a timely fashion. I know there are external hurdles to wait for such as cabs to take me to my appointments or just for leisure, and the Friday bowling bus, which Kevin (the driver who looks like Mac Taylor off CSI: NY btw) is usually good sometimes being a wee bit late.

Sam out

Just had grape jello for snack…

Loove that sh*t. Yum! Hopefully I will be on my mac again soon bc Coll & Justin are getting me a new cord. I was just watching a video on Cayleigh Elise’s channel about the mysterious death of Blair Adams. Every time I hear that name Blair, my heart aches bc I am in love with a troubled man named Blair. He makes me happy and I want him to be as well… but it is a bit difficult bc he has many problems 😥

Tonight I am having a chicken burger and rice/potatoes/pasta for supper. The others are having pork chops. I am going to have a mini nap now.

Sam out

Saw Dr. D today for my annual physical…

I went at 3pm and was not waiting long. Dr. D had this really cute intern named Brent. OMG I was in heaven. 😀 I am fine except I had sugar in my urine… which I’m not worried about bc I AM a diabetic. I added more pix to my FB account right here. I will continue to add more as I go. My sister Coll is my favorite subject. 😀 And, at the drs office, I saw the cutest 5 day old baby. Alexandria. I melted right then and there.

I had chicken pot pies, mashed potatoes and peas for dinner.

Tomorrow is a free day for me which means no appts, but Thursday I have the diabetic clinic. Friday we have bowling and Saturday and Sunday are also free. 🙂

Sam out.

Very good lunch…

Despite all the bullcrap, I had a very good lunch — egg rolls and salad. I had mine with caesar dressing. I do love caesar salad! 😀

My hair is finally growing out, but since my hair is layered, they are all growing different lengths. I’m attempting to grow my bangs, right now they are pretty much at eye level, and they get in my face and eyes and I can’t see properly. I hope that they will hurry up and grow longer. :-/

I feel like sleeping. I feel logey after a big meal. I’m going to fight it and play the Sims.

Sam out.

Never going to LAMP again :'(

Shar says that every time I go, my blood sugars are high. 😥 I loved LAMP. It was the best outing that broke my agoraphobia. And now it’s back to isolating myself again on Tuesdays. >_< I have reached a boiling point. I can't eat the food I like anymore, can't go to LAMP… by god it's like a fucking prison here. 😦

I am hot. I need water.

It is 18c out and it is pretty warm out. Poor Coll had to have a breakfast sandwich for dinner bc the chicken dinner was under cooked. 😦 I need to get some adam’s ale b4 I melt. lol

I am very hungry but I can’t eat past seven. 😦 Stupid Zyprexa… making me hungry all the time, making my blood sugars go sky high. 😦

Sam out.